Friday, 30 January 2015

The collies don't like cross training!

 Some of you know but for those that don't I was a very good girl last year and so Father Christmas gave me a bicycle for Christmas.

Now for one reason or another I've only just started riding it after the initial Boxing Day jaunt. Ok, I'll cough ...... the millions of gears scared me ....... well the last time I rode a bike it had three gears and you pedalled backwards to change gear.
So now that I have a rest day in between running means that I should be cross training ........ which means

As in riding my bicycle.

Today was my fourth time out and I was feeling very confident, pedalling like fury and changing gears as if I knew what I was doing!!!

The collies who need to run for England came with me whilst Chris went to the village shop for our weekly shopping. If you didn't know our challenge last year was no supermarket shopping and it was so successful we've continued with it
It seems Tilly and Jess don't like me cycling ...... at 3/4 mile Jess turned for home and at a mile Tilly did the same. Hey ho!

From then on I expected a call from Chris asking if I was ok or even him turning up in his truck looking for me.


And why not?

Well those crafty collies were waiting outside their 'Aunty Janet's' house, the lovely lady who looks after them when we're at markets.

They greeted me with a well there you are and trotted back up the lane behind me.

So Sarah 4.25 miles

Collies 1.5 miles

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