Saturday, 24 January 2015

Tamar Lakes Parkrun

Upper Tamar Lake

Today was my fifth Parkrun at Tamar Lakes. If it wasn't for volunteers this event wouldn't happen so a big thank you to them. It was a lovely sunny morning with no wind, if a bit on the chilly side. Fifty two of us set off at 9am to run round the lake, all 5k of it! Initially I ran alongside Sarah, another Bideford 10k participant, thinking that we should be making conversation but I can't run and talk so we ran in what I think  is termed companionable silence.

At the one mile point (I have a woman on my phone telling me this) I was slightly ahead of her and was waiting for another Sarah to overtake me as she has done on the previous weeks. Although someone did overtake it wasn't her! It was nearer two miles before she did. We exchanged hello's and then she had passed me.

With no warning 'competitive Sarah' was in my head saying 'stick with her, you'll get another PB if you do, don't let her get too far ahead'

'What?' said my legs 'you're joking, she's too fast'

I stuck to her like glue!

Luckly she had her earphones in so was spared my heavy breathing which sounded like an audition for the soundtrack on a low budget porn movie as we climbed the hill to the finish! I thought I was going to die ...................

So I was two seconds behind her and got a time of 30.10 and ..................................we both got PB's!!

Before I got hot and sweaty

As a treat and to put all the calories back on we had toasted crumpets for elevenses!

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