Friday, 23 January 2015

What have I done?

I'm so easily led .......

All it took was a post by Belinda on the Bradworthy running group page advertising the Bideford 10k on 10th May and I was there with a credit card and podgy fingers on my phone key pad!

Ok so why was I so eager to part with my money?

Well if she was going to do it then so was I!

Competitive or what?

Actually until recently I thought I was the most uncompetitive person in the world but then I went to my first parkrun and although its non competitive ...... I've found that I can run reasonable well (especially when the proper running club people don't turn up!!!) there are people of all ages and abilities who are there to have fun, including me.  I now know who to try and keep pace with and overtaking people gives me a sense of satisfaction.  Not many mind you but enough for a buzz and then of course there's the PB (personal best) ........ each time I've been, well four times (one was cancelled) I've got a PB. Yes the competitiveness has kicked in and I've been pushing myself.

Who'd have thought it??

I now have the gear too ...... proper running shoes and lycra!!!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bideford 10K ............

Three months to prepare .........

What have I done?

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