Sunday, 22 February 2015

One step forward and two steps back .......

So where were we?

Oh yes I was going to run in the orthotics .....

On Friday Chris had to take his truck for  it's MOT so I decided to do a 4 mile run a) To see how I got on with the orthotics b) because I'm a week behind the training plan and c) because the old bloke was out and so couldn't raise objections!!! Anyway I did it in 47minutes which included grabbing the dogs for a couple of vehicles to pass. So quite pleased.

The orthotics definitely helped.

Now I have read the training emails from Steph and the training reports from my fellow Biddy 10kers  and  added it all up and decided that I needed to run 6 miles.

Tuesday was a glorious day and so we decided that I'd run round Tamar Lakes  twice whilst Chris and the Collies walked round once.

So I ran two miles at a slow pace (actually not as slow as prescribed by Steph ...... although I thought I was) Then two miles at Parkrun pace where I imagined that I was keeping up with Sarah D and then two miles of a slow pace which actually still wasn't slow enough but the fifth mile seemed to go on for ever and I thought that the bird on my phone had rocked off to sleep.  BUT I did it!!! And did it in 1.09

When I looked at the training emails again to see what was next I realised that I'd read the wrong one and confused it with the previous one and actually should have run it at a slow pace to get round.

 I blame gmail entirely for not showing emails in order!

Note to self, print the emails in future to avoid confusion!

However I did it, enjoyed it and it was only towards the end that my foot started to hurt.

My feet and legs did ache afterwards but I guess that's old age for you!

Good news then?

Well no .......

I then decided on Thursday to do a hill session as per schedule........

I really should have taken notice that my foot hurt (this I think was from wearing my wellies for five hours doing the day job earlier) and didn't ease up  on my 10 minute warm up run but .........stubborn Sarah decided otherwise and so with the old bloke on a bike with a kitchen timer I tried to do five 20 second strides. I did them but my foot complained.

I know, I know I  should have stopped.

Next was 3 minute hill runs......

Now there had been a lot of bickering between us about which hill was suitable and basically none seemed to fit the bill. As it was my foot hurt so much that I just jogged home (with Chris timing hills on the kitchen timer for future reference) the result, there aren't any on my routes.

Ok, ok I've learnt my lesson ...... by running and continuing to run when my foot hurt means that I've been hobbling around like an old woman for a couple of days.

Today I'd planned to run round Tamar Lakes ...... just once as I had to miss Parkrun again yesterday, however it's raining cats and dogs and definitely isn't running weather, not even down the lane either. Probably a blessing in disguise as although my foot feels better another day of no running can only help the healing process I guess!!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

My feet part 2!

On Monday after nine days of no running it was driving me nuts ..... yes I know I can't believe I'm saying this! But then everyone who hears about my running for the first time utters the same phrase 'who'd have thought it'

Yes who'd have thought it, that at nearly 52 years old this fat bird has got the running bug!

So I ran a gentle 5k thinking that it would be the slow pace I should be doing for a long run and wouldn't be too hard on my heel however it was a minute a mile faster. I thought that I was going at a snail's pace and in fact might be too slow. Looks like I need to get a stop watch as although I've got the woman on my phone I obviously can't run holding it!

Once I got home I rested my heel on ice for 15 minutes and then did one of the exercises from the podiatrist, rolling my foot over a tennis ball!

So far so good ....... my heel felt fine.

On Tuesday morning I gingerly got out of bed expecting the usual pain but nope I was able to bear weight straight away.

Wednesday morning it was painful again! Not so brilliant!

Now the plan was that I'd have two rest days as my podiatrist appointment was late afternoon and then I'd run on Thursday afternoon. Ha ha nothing ever goes to plan ........ 

Following an unexpected phone call due to a cancellation I was offered my six monthly consultants appointment  on Thursday afternoon. Well for half a second it did go through my head that I had to run and not to accept the appointment but common sense prevailed.......

So I did a slow run on Wednesday morning .......  only 2.8 miles because BT were working along the lane and I didn't want to have to run past all the blokes more than I had to! (Fat old bird in lycra)
Initially my heel hurt but seemed to ease during the run. Back home for the ice treatment. It didn't work!

Off to Jenny the Podiatrist who had very kindly fitted me into her busy schedule (probably because Chris is a good customer)

I now have customised sports orthotics! 

My feet need to adjust to them so I've got to increase wear by an hour a day. Yesterday I wore them in my running shoes. Today they're on trial in my market boots whilst I'm waiting to see my consultant! (And writing this)

Tomorrow I will run with them ............

Continuing with the exercises, ice, and ibuprofen gel along with the orthotics will apparently ease the pain!

It sounds a bit drastic but Jenny did say she could strap my feet especially for a race so there's hope yet!

Friday, 6 February 2015

My feet!

So why am I talking feet?

Well my left foot and in particular the heel is very painful especially when I've been sitting for a while or sleeping and getting up in the night for a pee or first thing in the morning I can't bear any weight on it.

Not really what I need now that I've signed up for the Bideford 10K

And before you ask no I haven't been to see the Doctor.


Well because I don't do Doctors and also because last year I had a similar thing with my right foot.

So from the beginning ....... it all started with me having to buy a new pair of wellies for the day job last year. Now unbelievably wellies have become a fashion item and my usual Argyll ones are no longer stocked at Mole Valley Farmers because they are made by Hunter who won't give a suitable discount (don't quote me on this ..... its what the sales assistant told me). Consequently I had to buy a different make for sixty something quid. Yes that's right over sixty pounds! The same price as my leather market boots (purchased around the same time) which actually make me walk like a cripple after sitting in the van for the trip home after a market.

And boy, have I paid for them in more ways than one?

Oh yes .......they have buggered up my feet ......firstly my right foot and now the left.

Of course I googled it as you do and came up with plantar fasciitis  ....... could be right, could be wrong!

Then I did everything contrary to the advice.

Rest, pain killers, Doctor ........ no thanks.

I continued running and walking five times a week and ignored the pain although I did wear clogs and some heeled sandals (heels are good) when not running.
Anyway it eventually got better and is now back to normal but took a long time.

I know I'm stupid so now that my left foot is causing me gip I've decided I'd better do something about it as I'm signed up to run a 10k in May.

No, not got as far as the Surgery yet, however I haven't walked or run for six days and have worn my running shoes for driving and popping out ........ yes I know coach Steph, sorry I shouldn't be doing this but once I've paid the vets bill off I can save for a new pair of running shoes!

Today it definitely feels less painful despite having to wear wellies for two and a half hours.

 Chris has seriously bad feet (would you believe the Navy amputated his little toes because they couldn't be arsed to straighten them as they were clawed.......... BASTARDS ) and today had his regular appointment with the podiatrist in Holsworthy...................

I now have a list of  foot exercises to do.......

......................and an appointment on Wednesday for her to check my foot out

Hopefully normal running service will be resumed very soon!