Monday, 26 January 2015

How do you train for the Bideford 10K?

Question: How do you train for the Bideford 10K

Answer: I have absolutely no idea

Not a good start really seeing as I've signed up and parted with my dosh!

'Have you thought this thing through?' I hear you ask

Errr no ..... it just seemed like a good idea at the time though!!

 Luckily one of Belinda's friends, an experienced and enthusiastic runner has offered to help us and a few others with our training. How lucky is that?

 Cue Steph!

So we're now under her wing as part of the 'Biddy 10k running group' and hopefully as there's a few of us we'll be able motivate and support each other over the next three months.
 It's great that I've already met two of the others,  Sarah and Andree through Tamar Lakes Parkrun and we've now done the Facebook friends thing too!

Steph has emailed us some things to ponder such as making sure we have enough kit when stuff is in the wash, checking our running shoes don't need replacing and planning on doing three runs a week with a day off in between.

No excuse then not to get on with it!!

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