Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Today I tried to run 10k

The plan is to run three times a week with a day off in between. So a Park run, a longer run and the other run with a running group if I can get to it otherwise it'll be my usual down the lane and back nearly 5k run!

Since I started running last year I've tried to run at least five times a week so this regime is going to be slightly alien to me to start with and of course I have broken the rules already! In theory as I'd Parkrun on Saturday, Sunday should have been a day off ......... fat chance .........I ran!
However I did have yesterday off and just went out on my bike.

Today I decided that I might as well go for it and see if I could run 10k. No point in fannying around! I'd use the woman on my phone to log the distance but try and ignore her when she broadcast my split pace times. Normally if I think she's lying we argue and she learns a few more swear words. That'll be competitive Sarah again then!!

So I set off with my 'trainer' and two 'pacers' well Chris on his bike and the two collies!

I deliberately kept my pace slow and was pleasantly surprised at the one mile mark to have done it in 11.29. It does help that the first mile and a half is down hill, on the downside it's all uphill on the way back!! At four and a half miles my right leg felt like it had come unscrewed and I was waiting for it to fall off, luckily it hung on for the rest of the run and seems ok now.

The result is I can run 10k without stopping albeit slowly and I now have a time to work on.

By the way 6.2 miles is 10k.

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