Thursday, 29 January 2015

Strides and Sprints

When I signed up to run the Bideford 10k last week I didn't really think too much about training, in fact I just assumed that I'd gradually increase my runs from 5k (3.1miles)  to 10k (6.2miles)  over the coming weeks!

Of course on Tuesday as you know I ran 10k just to check that I could do it and get an idea of my time so when Steph's training email arrived that evening it was a surprise to say the least to see that my long run should be 4 miles and that one of the weekly training sessions should be a speed one. The other one being Parkrun on a Saturday (or a run at home).

Sooooooooooo I decided that my training started last Saturday at the Parkrun, would ignore that I ran on Sunday instead of having a rest day, pretend that I ran only ran 4 miles on Tuesday  and then today would be the speed one.

Now what is a stride and what is a sprint?

New jargon to me.......

........... and as I haven't made it to the running group yet absolutely no idea.

Thank goodness for Google and You Tube then.

So after watching several American blokes sans upper clothing and with six packs I got the idea!!

Next problem ...... how do you know when you've run your strides or run like the clappers for the sprints??

Well you get an old bloke on a bike who has a kitchen timer and then he bellow the times at you!!!
Along with two collies who have absolutely no idea why the old biddy is running differently to normal and try and trip her up.

Anyone passing us would have found the whole scene hilarious and thought that I had tourettes as I shouted and swore ....... that'll be the blokes in the Southwest highways truck and Sue and Mike who had to stop, in fact Mike if he looked in his rear view mirror would have wondered why I was running like a maniac after his car for thirty seconds!! Actually that might be why he sped away!!

So that's my first week of training for the Bideford 10k and nearly a month of only drinking at weekends so in celebration we're on the gin (oh and if you must know the wine!!)

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