Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Running five miles needing a pee isn't easy!

If you were paying attention last time you'd know that today I was scheduled to run 5 miles ...........

Well the day didn't start well and for one reason and another I was completely stressed to the eyeballs by the time we set off to Yarde! (I know eighteen years of never setting foot on the Tarka trail and now you can't get us off it!!!!)

Incidentally the stress isn't related to running or the 10K!

Not long after I set off I needed a pee (and yes I had gone before we left home) so during the easy mile I was on the look out for a bush, there weren't any! I did consider 'doing a Paula' but decided to hang on and hopefully find somewhere suitable further on.

At the start of the second mile I had to open and shut a gate, cross a road and open and shut another gate then I went up a gear as the next three miles were going to be race pace ......... then my lace came undone ...... bloody buggers! I've had these running shoes for four months and the laces have never come undone! Well until today!

I carried on in second gear, still looking for a bush!

Coach Steph had suggested I try for 9.30 min/mile race pace after Sunday's feel mile!

Then came another two gates to open and close with a road to cross in between. This is still mile two!!

Mile three was straight forward although it seems I was a second slower than the obstacle course mile, then the stress stuff started in my head and I took my mind off the running .....................

Oh and still no bush!

Somewhere along the line on the return trip I opened and closed the four gates and then ran easy for the fifth mile. This one was like I was running through treacle and my legs felt like they were going to come unscrewed, and I thought someone had moved the car park it took so long!

Looking back at my previous times recently all I can say is at least I'm pretty consistent on my pace as well as starting out too fast as well!!!!
Maybe if I hadn't wanted a pee or lost concentration then I'd have been faster today ......... who knows! It's done and tomorrow is another day!

So roll on Thursday for the sprints and strides!!!!!

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