Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dear Motorists

Dear Motorists,

Today you frightened me with your fast and inconsiderate driving whilst I was running. Not one of you eight slowed down, infact Mr.Milk Tanker you sped up. You saw me run past you as you got into your cab so knew I was on the road, you could also see that as you approached me I was on the narrowest bit of road but within a few paces would be able to run into a farm entrance to let you pass so why did you accelerate and make me leap off the road into the mud??? You inconsiderate bastard!

Mr. Shiny Car Man, you wanged round the bend so fast that if I'd been another car  there would have been a lot of dented metal! Your car wouldn't have been that shiny then would it! Even so you made me jump into the verge which caused me to jar my knee (again) it's only just recovered from the last injury. You inconsiderate bastard.

Then Red Van man, another one with super powers to see around bends didn't have enough time to take avoiding action did you because you were driving too fast. Good thing I threw myself into the hedge then. You inconsiderate bastard.

The other five of you need to slow down too. It may seem funny to you that I have to leap into the hedge or onto the verge but believe me it's not nice when the ground is wet, muddy, uneven or covered in dog shit.

 In case you don't know the middle pedal by your feet is the brake. If you press this, your vehicle will slow down!

Rule 206 of the Highway Code with regards to driving past pedestrians on rural roads is quite clear .......

"Approaching pedestrians on narrow rural roads without a footway or footpath. Always slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary, giving them plenty of room as you drive past."




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