Thursday, 9 April 2015

At the moment the knee is in the driving seat!

Sorry I've been a bit lax of late reporting in but a busy Easter weekend of trading has kept me away ............

So last weeks menu was the following

5 mile run - a mile of each easy, steady, hard, steady, easy

Hill reps

30 min run - easy then build to race pace then moderate

On Monday I was absolutely shattered after a busy weekend of work, the clock change, quite a bit of socialising, as well as one of my silly o'clock starts so the only run I could face was the 30 minute one.

Yes I know I always pick the easy one on a Monday but believe me I was knackered and it was nearly lunchtime..........

All I'll say is that I ran for 30 minutes .......

Oh ok, if you must know my first mile was race pace, I then built to slow pace and then went back to race pace ....... totally unintentionally and I'd have never realised if it wasn't for the bird on my phone but I was knackered and hungry!

On Wednesday as you know if you read my last post I did my second training run. This was meant to be the 5 mile one and I did run  it but after leaping into hedges, answering my phone and jarring my knee I only managed to run it 5 seconds faster than last weeks easy run..........

On Thursday I was hobbling around like a hobbling around person and decided that I'd probably never run again .......

Whilst the OBOAB was at a market on Friday, I was frantically ticking off my to do list which also included taking out the dogs.

(Now, for those of you who don't know I only started running last year on 25th April because I didn't have time for my to do list and walking the dogs!!! )

However I was still hobbling but decided to ignore the niggling knee ( and please don't tell the OBOAB ) but went for a run....... Yes, yes I hear you too but it had to be done! ......... suffice to say I haven't run split pace 12.27 since I signed up for Map my run (the bird on my phone) on 15th July 2014! Things must be bad!

A busy long weekend working and then the day job for two days meant I couldn't run and although I was on my feet all day I suppose I was resting my knee abit.

My knee improved slightly over this time but  I got really pissed off that I couldn't run!

How bizarre?

A year ago I'd have said that it was plain stupid to think like that!! How times change!!!

Yesterday I just had to run and bunked off cheese making for half an hour to do an easy 30 minute run ......... Yes again the easy option but I needed to see if I could still run after a week off and still with a niggly knee.

Yay! Yes I can ........   but as you can see I slowed down at the end!

This week there is also a 6 mile run and a 40 minute run on the menu. I'm really wondering if the knee will hold up for these though ........ However I NEED TO RUN so what do I do??

The other spanner in the works is the fact that unexpectedly I have this Saturday off so could do Parkrun too ........

At the moment the knee is in the driving seat though!

OBOAB = Old bloke on a bike

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