Sunday, 26 April 2015

Almost niggle free .......

Can you believe it, the big day is two weeks today?? aaaarrrggghhh don't panic, don't panic ........ (visions of Cpl Jones in Dad's army!!!!)

According to Coach Steph the mantra is 'I have the fitness and form and don't panic'

Due to my niggling injuries I've recently been a bit behind with the training menu or missed some of it out completely but now with two weeks to go I need to stick rigidly to it.

So 1. 2.5 mile run .... first easy ..... second mile run on feel of what is race pace ..... last bit easy

2.  5 mile run ..... first easy ..... next three race pace seeing if can hold the pace from running on feel ...... last mile easy.

3) strides and sprints (oh joy!)

I still have slight stiffness in my calf but it's nothing compared to what it was and I can walk fairly normally again.


Well I haven't run since Thursday evening so this morning was scheduled as a training day. Now I had planned to do the 5 mile run as we were going out to the Tarka trail and had a lovely breakfast in preparation.

A genius combo I heard about yesterday!! Marmite on toast with avocado ....... go on try it, it's lush!!

After re reading the training menu (I think the first reading when it popped into my inbox was through a bottle of wine!) I realised that the 2.5 miler had to be run before the 5 mile one. So 2.5 miles today, 5 miles on Tuesday and the joyous sprints and strides on Thursday ...... oooohhhh and Parkrun on Saturday, hooray!!!

So we ...... that is the OB not on a bike and the doggens went to Yarde for a 11.20 am start .........

No k tape on the knee, just the support!

After running for a while I had an inkling that the bird on my phone hadn't started.


However it actually worked out well as the delay meant I started the second mile after I'd had to open and shut two gates. For the first time in several runs I managed to get out of first gear too although I think I was a bit over enthusiastic and will have difficulty maintaining it for three miles on Tuesday .......
I then trotted back to the car park, with the thought that in two weeks time I'd be nearing the end of the Bideford 10K but obviously
running a bit faster!!!

Now, if you're paying attention you'll see that I actually trotted back for a mile and if you're really hanging off every word you'll know it's because of operator error at the start ....... but hey it was on the flat, no potholes and no inconsiderate motorists!!

How are the niggles? I hear you ask

Well my knee is feeling almost back to normal, so 99% there!

My calf felt fine during the run and didn't stiffen up the moment I stopped. It's still a bit stiff but definitely on the mend!

So there's still hope for a pain free run on 10th May!!

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