Friday, 1 May 2015

It's all getting a bit scary ......

The Tarka Trail at Yarde

Well I think this week is the first time since starting the training for the Bideford 10K that I've actually managed all the runs, on the right days and in the right order!!

Yesterday (yes sorry I had a long day so no time to report in) I managed to fit in the strides and sprints training........... Oh yes, contrary to what you thought! I know I'm full of surprises!!

Due to the day job ...... a 5am start, then cheesemaking when I got home .......  I finally got to Yarde at 12.50, on my own as I had to leave the OB in charge of cheesemaking.

The plan was to run easy to the gates which is a mile then do the strides back and forth followed by the sprints!

The mile was fine ...... 10.35 or something! Oh and my calf is still niggling.

I then faffed with my phone to find the timer and set for 30 seconds for the 5 x strides .......

Yup ...... So I started the strides and then wondered why I was running further than I thought I should .....doh!!! What a prat .... I'd set the timer for 30 mins and 30 secs.
So reset it and managed the 5 x strides with jog back along with an audience from a couple walking by who lingered at the statue thingy near the gates and then seemed to be identifying wild flowers alongside my training ground.

I then had to do 2 x 400m sprints with 90secs jog back 

After last weeks beasting I had a fair idea of how far 400m was but realised that I could change the bird on my phone to km so I'd know where 400m was. I then set the timer to 90secs for the easy jog back. Then I started the sprint which actually seemed the same speed as my strides  ........ and I sprinted and I sprinted but then the bloody bird on the phone didn't tell me where I was.

I jogged back for 90 seconds and was exactly on time to the gates .......

I sprinted again but still no notification from the bloody bird on the phone .......before jogging back I checked the bird on the phone for my sprint time and discovered that I'd  obviously fannied about so much with the timer,  changing the app from miles to km and  pausing it and then starting the timer and forgetting to restart the app that I'll never know my sprint time. Bloody technology! I then jogged  back to the car park passing the lingering couple on their return who looked totally bemused!!

So in other news .......... In yesterday's post this arrived ............. 

Enough to focus the mind ........ Oh bloody hell what have I done?

Today I had to make a delivery to Instow and two and a half miles of the trip involves part of the Bideford 10K ........ can you believe my stomach started to churn and I started to feel nervous just driving it.

Bloody buggers!

What have I done?

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