Saturday, 11 April 2015

All strapped up for Tamar Lakes Parkrun

After my last blog post several people suggested that I needed a knee support or strapping and as I have no intention of seeking medical advice until after the Bideford 10k (in case I'm told to stop running!)  I looked online at the array of things listed under knee strapping and then decided that it would be better to go and see Sean at HPT sport in Bude as he would be able to advise me, being an experienced runner himself.

So yesterday afternoon we popped to Bude to see Sean.

The shop was busy so I looked at the display of knee supports first thinking that I could sort myself out but had no idea really what I needed. At the same time there was another girl looking at them who made a choice but ended up behind me in the queue at the counter.

When it was my turn I explained the problem and he immediately suggested K tape, showed me what it was and how to apply it. He also advised a knee support. Now as I followed him to the knee support hooks I saw the girl behind looking less than impressed. He must have noticed too because on the way back asked her if she was ok.

It turns out the advice he was giving me was helping her and she ended up getting the same knee support.

This running lark isn't cheap you know!!

At least I have a loyalty card and got £2.50 off!

Although Sean explained how to apply the K tape, I am Mrs. Thickey when it comes to most things so checked out Youtube.

Well, I could have spent all evening watching how to apply K tape to knees there were so many of them!!

The OBOAB suggested that I taped up after my bath and before going to bed so that I didn't make myself late for Parkrun in the morning.

Eh voila.........

(I did add another strip in the morning but don't tell him)

With the knee support over the top I was ready for Parkrun at Tamar Lakes.

Everything felt fine as I set off and I seemed to be running at a good pace, however at the first mile the bird on my phone didn't tell me, nor at the second mile either. Clearly operator error ..... I hadn't swiped it properly at the start, doh!!!

Last night we had curry and I usually have the constitution of an ox but suddenly my stomach felt decidedly dodgy into mile three.

As you can imagine trying to clench your buttocks at the same time as running is difficult so of course  I ended up slowing down.

How was the knee?

Bloody marvellous thanks! A bit stiff now as I've been sitting around but the tape and support seemed to help!

Oh and I got a time of 30.27!

Yay, there's hope for me yet!!

OBOAB = Old bloke on a bike

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