Friday, 27 March 2015

Nothing ever goes according to plan .......

Today was scheduled as the 40 minute run involving strides as detailed in my previous post.

This meant that I had to find somewhere flat ......... Tamar Lakes then!

Ahhh but apparently they have a 3 day fishing competition going on .......

Mmmmmmm I understand that fishermen don't like being disturbed ........ could mean that we seriously piss them off with the OBOAB blowing a whistle every 30 seconds and what with my involuntary heavy breathing and tourettes, perhaps not a good idea!

Plan B then.

The fruit bowl was empty and the only veg in the fridge was a leek and a third of a celariac so a trip to the fruit and veg shop in Torrington was on the cards.

Yes, I know you think I've lost the plot discussing my shopping requirements but actually the route to Torrington involves passing the Tarka trail so we'd put the OBOAB bike in the back and on our return stop off and do the training. Simples!

Ha ha, not so!

It was chuffing it down with rain when we left so plan B was abandoned, well its pointless both of us getting soaked!

When we got home it had stopped raining so I donned my running gear and set off alone ....... the OBOAB bunked off training to drink beer!!

I chose a route that I thought would be around 40 minutes and have a suitable flat section for the strides (even if the first mile involved two hills and the last mile and a half home involved the usual hill all the way back).

It all went according to plan and I started my strides on the flat ........

.............. however I hadn't banked on the potholes or the mud plastered across the road made more slippery by the recent rain!

After a quick risk assessment I decided that it would be stupid to train on this surface (I don't want any more injuries) so just took it steady and increased my pace when I could.

Oh and the cars ........ six no less who made me leap onto the verge....

Anyway I didn't quite get the strides done but ran 3.61 in 38.43 minutes.

Sadly no Parkrun for me tomorrow but this week has been a good running week!

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