Sunday, 24 May 2015

A new strategy

As last week was a recovery one and only involved a couple of easy runs I thought I better get my entry in for the Bude RNLI run!

So with just over three weeks to go, training has started again, and I have gone for a new strategy ........... get the run I least want to do over and done with ........ that'll be the sprints/strides one then!!!

It seemed quite strange last week not doing any training and I have to say I was looking forward to starting it again!!

I can't believe I'm even saying that!!!

On Monday we put the OB's bike in the van and popped down to Yarde to do the run I wasn't relishing .......

10 mins warm up ..... 5 x 20 sec strides ..... 5 x 2 mins building pace ... 10 mins easy.

It was chucking it down with rain as we set off but luckily didn't last long and we had the place to ourselves! It all went according to plan and was so much easier having the OBOAB shouting out the time so I could concentrate on running rather than the last time when I had to faff with my phone and run holding it and the time before that when the OBOAB fell off his bike and stopped shouting!!!

On Tuesday I decided that I really needed to do another run as otherwise it would be Friday before I could get out again.

It was to be the 4 mile steady one ...... 5 mins easy ...... build to race pace and hold until last 0.5 mile.

So back to Yarde again, however this time I went across the road and ran towards Torrington ...........I discovered the first half mile was uphill ....... however it then flattened out and was beautiful.
At mile one I thought the bird on my phone had gone mad when she announced 8.37 mins then at mile two it was 8.59 mins! I then turned around and found the next mile and a half was a steady uphill climb! The thing is it hadn't appeared to be downhill on the way out but explains my fast time. I did 10.40mins and 10.20 mins respectively for the other two miles!

Contrary to the diary schedule I managed to get out on Thursday and trot down the lane with the dogs whilst the OB finished off the cheesemaking. It was the 30 mins easy run with instructions from Coach Steph to enjoy and relax ringing in my ears ........

I actually ran slowly from the start and although I had to stop three times in an attempt to get a thorn out of Tilly's paw and then stop for a car, and cyclists, it was just lovely listening to the bird song and trying to identify all the wild flowers in the banks!!!

My strategy worked ......... thank goodness as on Friday my ribs started to hurt. They felt like they did after my riding accident a few years ago when I smashed them up. I have no idea why they should suddenly feel like this as I haven't done anything to irritate them! It's the same side that I had radiotherapy two years ago so perhaps that's something to do with it as it can be a side effect even after all this time down the line!!

Oh yes by the way you may have noticed I've decided to continue with the blog ...............

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