Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Only five days to go ........

On Saturday morning I got out of bed to shut the window before going to make the tea ....... Well I was the one who wanted to go to Parkrun!

'Its not nice out there, raining and blowy'

'You don't want to run in that do you? Get back into bed' came the reply from beneath the duvet.

I climbed back into bed and after laying there for a couple of minutes, climbed back out! The weather may have cleared in two hours time. It may not be so bad at Tamar Lakes. All the fantastic volunteers who make it possible for us to run won't climb back into bed.

I made the tea!

And the weather had indeed cleared by the start of Parkrun.

With only a week to go to the Bideford 10K and being almost injury free I wasn't going to risk hurting myself for a PB, just a steady run was the order of the day! I even managed to sprint up the last part of the hill and into the tunnel, getting a time of 31.03. Maybe all this sprint training is worthwhile!!!!!!!

This week on the menu there is ....

3 mile easy run

20 min run ... 10 min easy ...5 mins building pace each minute .... 5 mins cool down

20 min run..... 5 min easy .... 5 mins build to race pace .... 10 mins cruise and feel strong.

Due to my busy schedule this week I did contemplate counting Parkrun as my 3 mile easy run but decided that it was probably cheating!!!

So to Yarde today, just before lunchtime......

Starting off I felt really sluggish and stiff and almost stopped, especially as there was a strong side wind however after giving myself a good talking to I carried on. I then met some friends walking so had a quick chat before continuing on my merry way. It then suddenly felt better!
The third mile wasn't much fun as the horizontal rain started and along with the side wind it was hard work especially the uphill bit but I kept going.

So two more runs ........ and then it's the real thing!!!!

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