Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I felt like I was a proper runner .......

On Monday morning still feeling buoyed by my PB on Saturday at Tamar Lakes Parkrun I looked at this weeks menu.

5 mile easy run

35 minutes run .... 10 min easy warm up ..... 10 min hard/race pace..... 10 min steady ..... 5 min cool down

40 minute run ..... 10 min easy ..... 5 strides at 30 seconds harder pace with good form ...... 30 seconds easy .... 5 x 2 mins at easy pace with 2 mins easy after each.

Oh and this is a recovery/adaptation week!!!!!

So which one to do?

 Well it was 12.30pm by the time I'd done the day job and other tasks, the OBOAB wanted to come too and the dogs needed a run. My initial thoughts were to go with the 5 mile easy run but it was nearly lunchtime and I was already feeling hungry plus last week taking the easy option proved to be the wrong one! If I did the 40 minute run it would mean leaving the woofers behind so this left the 35 minute one.

Not wishing for the neighbours at the other end of the lane to miss out on the vision that is old bird in pink lycra and OBOAB wobbling along In front of her we went up the lane before turning round and then doing one of the usual routes. This actually helped because the 10 min hard/race pace then didn't involve running up hill ........ result!
Unfortunately the 10 min steady pace on the way back did.

I tried to put into practise things that Hayley had mentioned on Saturday like a more upright posture and moving my arms backwards and forwards more. Despite having to stop for a car and retie my shoe lace my second mile came in at 8.45 ....... woohoo!!!!!!

If you're a Podiatrist then look away now ...........

I also ran without the orthotics again. Sssshhhh

Yes, yes I know, they have helped the plantar fasciitis no end but I've also come to the conclusion that they are hindering my performance too.

Now, don't tell Coach Steph but yesterday I did actually have a little trot out (on my rest day) with the orthotics and found that I definitely don't move so freely,  they feel very hard on my feet and slow me down.

Sooooooooo I'll continue to wear them in all my other footwear but will be selective as to when I run in them.

Today we had a day off from Cheesemaking so I decided to do the 5 mile easy run. I also decided that I needed to do a circular route of around 5 miles as I'm bored of repeating the same two routes or part thereof to make up more than 3 miles. The OBOAB said he'd come too but no dogs though.

Before setting off I put my Children's Hospice South West vest on as they need a photo of moi in it for publicity purposes. Luckily Chris managed to take one without turning off my phone/turning off the camera/ turning on the video etc ...... you get the picture, he's not very good with smart phones!

We set off ...... and I immediately realised that I was still wearing the vest, oh well too late to take it off and really it wasn't going to make too much difference was it?

Once out of the lane there was the first hill ....... flipping hills on this route too! It didn't seem too bad to me but I could hear the OBOAB's heavy breathing and cursing behind me. Then the bloody motorists without brakes started to hurtle towards us, aiming first for me and then The OBOAB. I yelled a few obscenities at the first couple of cars and then realised what vest I was wearing. After that I decided to ignore the Highway code and instead of running towards the oncoming traffic I crossed sides. It seemed safer.

Although there were hills to endure it meant that once at the top we had fantastic views!

The instructions from Coach Steph were to enjoy the run, take in the scenery, be able to hold a conversation and not worry about the time.

Tick, tick, tick and tick!

I really enjoyed it, seemed to run a good pace and felt like I was a proper runner (in my dreams I know!)

The fifth mile was a struggle as it involved one of my usual return routes which is ALL up hill however I was amazed to find that my time was faster than usual here. Time wasn't part of this training run today but of course I still had to use the bird on my phone and was chuffed to see what I did. I could almost be a proper runner!!!!

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