Saturday, 21 March 2015

A bit up and down this week

So here we are again ........

Time is flying and the frightening thought is that before we know it, it'll be the Bideford 10k.
I'm really beginning to wonder what possessed me to sign up for it ...... all this training is making me feel like I'm going backwards and running slower. The only thing for it is to do my usual thing of just getting on with it and pretending it's not happening.

This weeks menu ....

Interval training

30 minutes easy run

35 minutes with fun in the middle working hard

Due to work I couldn't run over the weekend and so Monday was my first training day of the week. Now you would have thought that at the start of the training week I would choose to do one of the harder runs ........ ha ha nope, after a full on eight days of work and copious amounts of wine the night before plus other commitments in the morning the easy run was my choice (when you see what's involved in the hard runs you'll see why) especially as it had to be fitted in before a late lunch.

So the usual OBOAB* attended along with the two dogs. We had to leap into the hedge  three times for Parcelforce  (nice man who often delivers wine!) then the Postman (Muppet)  and then ....... drum roll, the old bill ....... the first time in nearly eighteen years that we have ever seen a police car in the lane ......since found out one of the neighbours had their car nicked the night before.

Anyway despite all this I ran for just over  30 minutes on the steep hill route before lunch.

In the afternoon I planted some seeds and as I bought the propagator into the dining room to plug in I managed to catch my foot on a chair leg and twist my knee ...... yes again!!!!! Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing ....... of course I should have done one of the harder training sessions instead of wimping out because on Wednesday when I should have been doing an Interval pacing session ....... Now get this ........

10 minute warm up
3 min hard, 2 min steady, 2 min hard, 3 min steady, 1 min hard, 4 min steady, 2 min hard, 3 min steady, 3 min hard and 2 min steady before 10 minute cool down.

All I managed was a gentle jog ...... the only time my knee didn't hurt was running up hill....... So basically all the way home!!!

Despite this I found that I had run faster than I have for some weeks and my second mile was only 11 seconds slower than when I had to run like the clappers on the same route a couple of weeks before.

I realised that before all this training started the OBOAB used to cycle ahead of me, however in recent weeks he has been wobbling along beside me and I seem to be pacing myself with him which is maybe why I have got slower. Just a thought!

Thursday was a gentle jog day again as my knee still didn't feel right. OBOAB was given strict instructions to stay infront. Despite having to stop for three vehicles and not being able to pause the bird on my phone in time  I was on a par with the previous day.

So today was Tamar Lakes Parkrun.
My plan was to run without the orthotics, wear the capris I had for my Birthday and ditch the jacket, hat and gloves, oh and to stick with Sarah D like glue!!!

I did all of the above except that during the briefing it was announced that Sarah D was a tail runner. Oh bugger ......

We lined up at the start and then Steph pointed out that Hayley was doing a 30 minute pacing group. On your marks get set go.......

Split decision then........ well no brainer really......

I joined the pacing group!!!!!

I won't bore you but suffice to say it was hard, bloody hard and I still don't know how I managed my previous PB of 30.10 but Hayley was brilliant in her encouragement, advice and cajoling...... especially as towards the end my petulant child surfaced .... 'I'm fucking knackered', 'aaaarrrggghhh' then we started up the bastard hill to the finish with OBOAB (only he wasn't on his bike) cheering me on and then running beside me as I uttered  'I feel sick' , 'I knew we should have bought water' and thinking I can't do it.

After all that negative shit ..... and giving myself a quick talking to I sprinted to the finish!!!

The result ..... a PB of 29.54!!!

Hayley you are a star! Thank you!

*OBOAB = Old bloke on a bike

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