Sunday, 15 March 2015

A troublesome stopwatch

For those of you who were concerned about Teddy's welfare after last weeks abuse, please let me assure you that he is fine!!!

Now on this weeks menu 

Hill session 

40 minute easy run

30 minute run

So easy peasey then!!

Well as usual if you look at the small print, no it's not!!

Monday was a running day, the doggens needed a trip out and as I've now put my foot down with the old bloke on a bike and stipulated that I need to concentrate on this training and if it means it involves strides, sprints, hills or specific times etc then they can't come ...... yup I've done a risk assessment and the result ...... they are a trip hazard. The rest of the risk assessment involves the old bloke on a bike, white van man and the I can't stop for you but just leap into the hedge out of my way because I'm in a hurry ****s. 

Oh yes those **** people ....... you may think I exaggerate but actually on our country lanes people don't have brakes they just career towards us,  bearing down expecting us and our dog's and old bloke on a bike to get out of the way ...... take it from me it's frightening. I have tried the running past the vehicle whilst OBOAB grabs the dogs but still the drivers seem to think I should be the one to climb into the hedge, of course they choose to ignore my gestipulations and swearing and just accelerate away!!! 

Anyway I digress ...... it was a 40 minute easy run in the rain with an entourage!! Nothing else to report! That is all!!

Now due to having a birthday last week and celebrating for a few days it means that the day job backed up and had to be done this week. 

So two 4 .30am starts with a rude awakening at 1.15 am on Tuesday by the stopwatch alarm. Yes one of my Birthday presents from OBOAB was a stopwatch and whistle (obviously for him to time me and get my attention!) Anyway this bloody stopwatch kept going off during the early evening apparently whilst I was at work. Neither of us thought anymore about it but clearly it has a mind of its own and decided to disturb us in the middle of the night.
 It is now in the car!!

 I also had a total of 16 hours in wellies over 36 hours which didn't bode well but I have to say the orthotics are really helping in the plantar fasciitis department!

I had to fit the hill session in on Wednesday in between cheeses ripening and renneting.......

Sooooooooo (sorry forgot to mention this is a long blog post!!!!)

Set off on a 10 minute warm up with the OBOAB got to a flat bit of lane and did 5 x 25 secs strides with 35 secs recovery backwards and forwards with him on the stopwatch and whistle ......... however on the second set of strides whilst I was dying (already)  there was no whistle or shout. Seems the OBOAB couldn't reset the bloody stopwatch. After I'd pressed the reset button very hard and had an attack of tourettes we resumed the strides!

To do the 5 x 2 min hill reps I had to run a bit further on to start.

Now I thought that all I'd hear was a whistle indicating my 2 minutes was up ....... Please, please tell me 2 minutes is up! ...... and yes for the first one I did. Fab! Great present........  trotted back down the hill, got the start command and did it again however no whistle, assumed the stopwatch was being troublesome, so ran to the holly bush and trotted back down the hill. Got the start command and did it again but also managed to shout 'I hate fucking hill training' the reply came back 'so do I' as the OBOAB pedalled past me. On the next one I really was regretting the cheese and onion crisps I'd had earlier and on the last one was ready to die. Whose idea was it to run up and down hills?  I then ran home ..... just over 10 minutes. 
Once home I asked OBOAB why he was grumpy he had been since the I hate hills episode. 

Seems that as he tried to turn on his bike and look at the stopwatch he came out the side door!!! Bloody silly arse. Luckily no bones broken!!!

I was looking forward to Friday's training  10 mins warm up 10 mins race pace and 10 mins cool down because we were going to Tamar Lakes (home of Parkrun) to do this as its flat (well apart from the bastard hill at the end) me, the old bloke without his bike and the two collies. 
However ...... as usual nothing goes plan ...... and take it from me girls don't marry the Village Hall Chair or anyone who has those tendencies ...... due to their commitments you'll find that you won't be able to fit your training in!!!! 

I ran up the lane (a first) and slightly hilly as part of my warm up then ran like the clappers for 10 minutes back down to Libbear. The worst thing about this is my involuntary heavy breathing and gasping ........ apologies Sue and Mike if you were in your garden!!! 

And then I ran home slowly!

Split pace was 10.57

Oh well see for yourself...

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