Monday, 26 October 2015

There are hills and there are hills

I know, I know my blog posts are like buses .... you don't see one and then three come along at once!

On Saturday evening  the OB and I decided that on Sunday morning he'd cycle, with the dogs whilst I'd run a circular route complete with a hill that I've been wanting to have a go at for a while, before we went to meet friends for a pub  lunch. (For this read, must include chips!!!)

By the way, Coach Steph has said that there hills on the Braunton 10 so I'm looking for different hills to run.

It all started well, especially with the stunning weather for October then at a mile in Tilly started limping. Checked her paw for thorns etc but found nothing so we set off again and she stopped the dot and carry one attention seeking.

We started the hill climb, and the OBOAB had to get off and walk, announcing almost simultaneously that he had a puncture........ and guess where the puncture repair kit was?
Correct! At home!

This was at mile two!

So he and the woofers turned for home and I continued running up the hill. I then turned onto a lane that I've probably only ever been down three times in the eighteen years we've been here, once on a horse and the others in a car but it's been sometime ...... and I'd forgotten what it involved .........

A gentle bit down hill ...... lovely!

......... and then a really steep, potholed descent ...... definitely a first in my running career. I actually found it quite difficult to negotiate ......

Then it was back up hill, which was quite a relief to be able to get a good pace going again before another steep descent where I felt like I was almost sitting on my heels to get down without toppling over!

Then it was back up hill but this time I realised I'd made a mistake in leaving my rope and crampons at home ....... I kid you not it was so steep that I was literally crawling up it and able to walk up the last bit faster than run but failed to get up to 30mph as per the sign at the top!!!!!!

I then ran through Black Torrington, up hill again to lanes that I'm familiar with but having being spoilt with running on the TT for so many months I'd forgotten about the moron drivers ....... Oh yes, even on a Sunday they were out to get me, and I hate to say it but the women were the worst ....... Clearly no idea where the brake is (the middle peddle love!) and four times I had to dive into the bank.
The men on the other hand still kept coming but drove on the verge so that I didn't have to stop. Thanks guys!

Three quarters of a mile from home the OB and woofers met me (they'd got back to the ranch and then come back out in the truck) bearing water and encouragement which was lovely.

So, how far did you run I hear you cry?

Y'er tiz

And here are the hills ......

I didn't pause the bird on my phone whilst looking for thorns, checking the OB's tyre, grabbing dogs, or leaping out of the way for traffic and I'd gone out on this run to enjoy it and see if I could run up the hill (not knowing there were other hills) so I was very pleased with how I ran....... and then I had fish and chips for lunch!!!

Today Coach Steph sent out this weeks training email and one of the runs is a 6 miler where we need to 'work on a moderate pace and be consistent and work on any hill so that our overall pace is even' ........

......... I think I may have just got away with it yesterday!

Oh, and by the way, I really enjoyed it!!!

*OB - Old bloke
*OBOAB - Old bloke on a bike
*TT -Tarka Trail

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  1. I am really impressed, I just keep on walking for miles, tell the OB to get his trainers out too!!!