Tuesday, 20 October 2015

It's taken eleven weeks .....

Now, you can be forgiven for thinking that after my last post when I chucked teddy in the corner and took my ball home after having a bad Parkrun that I'd given up running and blogging.

Sorry, but I'm still here doing both ......

Well neglecting the blog but running and slowly building my fitness back up, although any hope of running the Bideford 10 or any race for that matter has had to be put on the back burner.

It's been hard and on more than one occasion I considered chucking the towel in and giving up for good, especially after returning from holiday having not run for two weeks and having my legs ache for ten days ......... I had thought all the swimming I did instead would help but clearly my muscles didn't!

So what made you keep running I hear you ask?

Well competitive Sarah is always somewhere in the background.........

 Seeing how my friends have improved whilst and since I was ill, running pb's at Parkrun and running half marathons means that she isn't going to let me give up that easily.

Running on different parts of the Tarka Trail (yes we're still regularly visiting, and making up for not using it over the last eighteen years!) and varying the distance is all well and good but I realised I need something to aim for in my training ......

........enter coach Steph, who suggested the Torrington Christmas Caper and/or the Braunton 10 in January. Well, the first one was out, running 10 miles through streams and mud wearing a tutu and Santa hat doesn't float my boat! However, although there are some hills I've decided to train for the Braunton race which is 10 miles.

On Saturday I ran my 20th Parkrun and had my fourth best time, which made me feel that I was getting back to form.

Yesterday I ran one of my favourite routes on the Tarka Trail (TT) 2.3 miles up hill (yes I know, hill and favourite in the same sentence!!!) and then back down again. It was a good run and Saturday obviously wasn't a fluke!

Today I checked how long it's been since I started running after Shingles and would you believe its eleven weeks!

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