Thursday, 12 February 2015

My feet part 2!

On Monday after nine days of no running it was driving me nuts ..... yes I know I can't believe I'm saying this! But then everyone who hears about my running for the first time utters the same phrase 'who'd have thought it'

Yes who'd have thought it, that at nearly 52 years old this fat bird has got the running bug!

So I ran a gentle 5k thinking that it would be the slow pace I should be doing for a long run and wouldn't be too hard on my heel however it was a minute a mile faster. I thought that I was going at a snail's pace and in fact might be too slow. Looks like I need to get a stop watch as although I've got the woman on my phone I obviously can't run holding it!

Once I got home I rested my heel on ice for 15 minutes and then did one of the exercises from the podiatrist, rolling my foot over a tennis ball!

So far so good ....... my heel felt fine.

On Tuesday morning I gingerly got out of bed expecting the usual pain but nope I was able to bear weight straight away.

Wednesday morning it was painful again! Not so brilliant!

Now the plan was that I'd have two rest days as my podiatrist appointment was late afternoon and then I'd run on Thursday afternoon. Ha ha nothing ever goes to plan ........ 

Following an unexpected phone call due to a cancellation I was offered my six monthly consultants appointment  on Thursday afternoon. Well for half a second it did go through my head that I had to run and not to accept the appointment but common sense prevailed.......

So I did a slow run on Wednesday morning .......  only 2.8 miles because BT were working along the lane and I didn't want to have to run past all the blokes more than I had to! (Fat old bird in lycra)
Initially my heel hurt but seemed to ease during the run. Back home for the ice treatment. It didn't work!

Off to Jenny the Podiatrist who had very kindly fitted me into her busy schedule (probably because Chris is a good customer)

I now have customised sports orthotics! 

My feet need to adjust to them so I've got to increase wear by an hour a day. Yesterday I wore them in my running shoes. Today they're on trial in my market boots whilst I'm waiting to see my consultant! (And writing this)

Tomorrow I will run with them ............

Continuing with the exercises, ice, and ibuprofen gel along with the orthotics will apparently ease the pain!

It sounds a bit drastic but Jenny did say she could strap my feet especially for a race so there's hope yet!

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