Friday, 11 December 2015

Compeed plasters for blisters

Yes I know I've neglected you with my updates but I bet you're really rather secretly pleased that you haven't had to plough through my waffle!!!

This post was going to be two weeks worth of news but after an incident today I'm going to split it into two separate ones!

After my last blog post I was overwhelmed by the response to my blisters!

'Compeed' plasters for blisters was the message!

Ok, so I'd never heard of them but as you know I really need to get out more!

The OB was duly dispatched to Lloyds pharmacy clutching a £10 note and returned with 10 of these plasters and 42p change ......... this running lark really isn't cheap!!!!

On Monday I decided to go for the shorter, easier run, to test drive the plasters despite having a busy week and knowing that I would only be able to do two runs but I didn't want to aggravate the blisters either!

It took me a while to work out how to open the container and get them out though, despite having my contact lenses in ....... the arrow at the top was minute (and I'm quite thick at times!)

Whilst running I wasn't aware of two of the blisters but I could feel the one on my right foot niggling, which was a bit disappointing, but I was glad that I'd opted for the short run.

When I got home I found that the plaster on this foot was coming off despite the blurb in the box saying they would stay on for a few days! Perhaps trying to cover two blisters with one plaster was asking too much!

Wednesday was a nine miler so I covered the two blisters on my right foot with individual plasters this time, the one on the left was still sticking well!

It was only towards the end that I was aware of the worst blister on my my right foot but it was a mild niggle.

I'm not sure whether they are helping to heal my feet as on Monday when I changed the plasters the blisters were still there, however there were no niggles during the interval training ....... the final training session for last week!

......... and the conclusion on Compeed plasters for blisters?

I'm impressed!

*OB = Old bloke

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